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Most of the teaching begins when they are young. A child is the most fascinated human being. Its development depends on its surroundings. Also, the surrounding has a huge impact in the child's life. The first social instance of a child is its family and friends.

As parents, you are the first ones to impact the child and lay down the foundation for its path. To train your child up in the best way, you do need help. Some of your helpers will be teachers. To have the greatest outcome you need to understand what school system your child is entering. Furthermore, you need to understand your function in this school system.

If you know your role and your function in the school system you can offer your child the best training and education. Therefore it's important to get knowledge about the school system and to have a close relationship with the teachers to receive the best care for your child.

On 11.09.2021, YAPA teachers across Germany hosted a program called '10 Things parents should know' to fullfil this purpose. The full video is on YOUTUBE:

The program was well-received and parents could ask all possible questions. Gifty A.M. whose a nursery teacher in NRW said, 'Teachers can't make your child become what you want them to be. Your role as a parent is very important in this regard'. With the postive feedback that we have received, we plan to organise more of such parent-oriented programs in future. We at YAPA believe that it is important to know the role you can have in the educational path of your child.

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