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Jeremiah Addison(BSc., MD) Medicine| Medical Laboratory sciences| Customer Support

Jeremiah Addison is a hardworking and self-motivated young professional with a good record of accomplishment professionally.

He has a diverse background working for the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital as an Intern Medical Laboratory Scientist, then as Medical Laboratory Scientist and Lab Manager for Diamed Diagnostic Center, Ghana. Currently, he is the Customer Support Manager at, which is a leading cryptocurrency Adnetwork.

Having a love for research, he has worked on two important studies that address the everyday health of people. They are: "Prevalence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing enterobacteria in human household contacts of domestic animals in Dansoman, Ghana" and "The relationship between indices of body composition and functional condition of the cardiovascular system in young people". He has also participated in student scientific conferences where he has had the opportunity to present one of his works.

He is friendly, passionate about health volunteerism, and speaks fluent English and beginner Russian/Ukrainian

Jeremiah Addison

Jeremiah Addison

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